The AJTC is looking for a few good folks to join our Board of Directors!

AJTC’s Board Elections will be held in October 2017. Elected Board members will serve a two-year term.


The Board

The AJTC's Board of Directors ensures the financial and legal health of the organization and sets overall strategy, goals, policies, and direction for the organization.


The AJTC Leads oversees and guides the AJTC's Board of Directors to ensure that the organization remains consistent with its mission statement, goals, and direction. While day-to-day operations are led by the Board of Directors, the Leads will often offer feedback, guidance, or assist as appropriate.



As a general member, you will be given access to advanced notifications and information about upcoming events and will also be able to volunteer and contribute to our upcoming activities.


Our community is very important to us. We strive to remain open to comments, suggestions, and any other feedback to help us provide an experience that will lead to an overall positive experience that contributes positively to the goodwill of our community and surrounding environment.